Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Step One and 1/2

It has been hard finding rocks this last week. I did go with my mom's friend to gather rocks on her familys property, but they were rather small and didn't fill the cargo space in the van. Mom said we can steal them from another area of the garden if we need to, but I am getting worried. I need to get started and since my budget for this project is almost nothing, we need to get the materials Free!

Step One and 1/2

Step One

You will notice that the date on this post is the same as the previous one. That is because my mother insists that I keep an online diary for my project and I am playing catch-up. We have made several trips to get rocks, My mother has lots of clients who own property, and they have said we can come out to their property to gather rocks. We have come up with a few van loads, but not nearly enough to do the job.

I think that is because my mom keeps stealing my rocks to finish her side of the project. She said she is going to get her gardens all the way to where my project starts.

Which should be right here! Your done now mom, leave my rocks alone!

From the Beginning:

My name is Darian, I am a Senior At AHS, And will be spending the summer working on my senior project. My project is to build a fire-pit in our back yard.

These are the concept pictures I have chosen. I like the built in seating. My mom likes the built in planters. We found this firepit in Smokey Point at American Stone.

My mother is a gardener, and has been working her way around the back perimeter of the yard building a retaining wall with gardens, It is slow going for her because she gathers the rocks wherever she can get them from, and uses her own compost for the soil.

Where the gardens end is where I begin.

Now, we are off to find some rocks.