Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Field Trip!

My mother had two large stones left over from one of her projects, so we used them to measure off how many more we would need to buy. About thirty was our guesstimate, so off to the stone yard we went. Mom turned to me as we pulled into the parking area and told me that she was going to ask for a discount. I think she didn't want me to be embarrassed.When the man came out and asked if we wanted help, she told him what we were looking for. Then she told him my budget was $80.00. He took one stone in and weighed it and came back and told us for $80.00, we could buy eight or nine stones of that size.
That wasn't good news. We chatted for awhile and decided that we would have to come up with a different plan. That is when the guy took us to the back of the stone yard and told us we could have anything from these bins for three cents per pound. That was an eighteen cent per pound discount. I filled up the little cart and took it to the scales. 300lbs!
We decided to splurge and bought 7 medium sized rocks at fifteen cents per pound too.
Total spent at the rock yard, $45.00
Next stop Lowes, where we found 5 gigantic stones at $7.00 each. Total $35.00

Somehow, I managed to get over 730lbs of rock for exactly $80.00!

We also used the counter top materials that were given to us for this project to fill in between the stones. That worked great to give it this crazy quilt look.

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  1. That's a great story of how you got the rest of the material that you needed. Only your Mom could find such a deal like that. You both rock.
    Great job.