Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Busy!

Plan A: Mr Mike and a piece of heavy machinery and a laser level.
Plan B: Rototiller, shovels, and level
Plan C: Shovel and level and a piece of wood.
Mr Mike has been sick, and is now overwhelmed at work.
The rototiller will not start.

Just me, and my shovel! I figured out how to make the first part level. I have to dig out the upper section, and add to the lower section to get the seats and the center to be level.
Dig out the grass, level the dirt, tamp down the dirt, find the level again.

Stack row #1, not level, add dirt or take away dirt to make it level.
Finish row #1.
Add row #2 again checking to make sure you are still level as you go.

That is hard work, my shoulder hurts!


  1. You might even put some of the concrete gravel in under the rocks on the low side. It will help stablize the dirt against shifting in wet weather. Looks great, you have the rocks nice and tight together as they need to be.

  2. Looking good... I'll have to stop by to check out the progress in person!

  3. I'm impressed, Darian! This is going to look really good!